March 28, 2017 The Joy of Redecorating!

  • sewing Pinehurst curtains

Waking up to a beautiful day at The Red Rocker Inn! There's a certain satisfaction  about taking something old and making it new again that really appeals to me. That's why re-decorating our inn is so much fun.  And also why I watch a lot of home renovation shows.

This time, it's The Pinehurst Room and this is me (my fingers) sewing new curtains and pillow shams for the room. Stay tuned for the before-and-after pics in a few days. This is really a relatively simple room re-do, but what a big difference you'll see!

Speaking of old-to-new, maybe you'd like to  take a peek at your house too, and see what you can do to give it a fresh new look. Maybe you can just move a rug or a picture to a new location and the whole room will look brand new.